The most convenient and flexible way to create NuGet packages


Supports all NuGet features. No compromises.

NuGet has a vast amount of configuration options and conventions. NuProj allows you to express them all while keeping the complexity at a minimum.

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Integrated with Visual Studio. Feel at home.

Developers don't like having to switch tools. With NuProj, creating and maintaining NuGet packages was never simpler. Thanks to a first class Visual Studio integration, it's all part of your daily routine.

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Integrated with MSBuild. Building like the pros.

Build automation is part of every professional development workflow. Since NuProj is integrated with MSBuild it builds the same way as all your other projects. Running on a hosted build controller? No worries — we got you covered. NuProj can also be restored as a NuGet package which means you don't need to install anything.

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It's open source. Participate and contribute.

No reason to convince your boss to buy another expensive IDE extension. NuProj is free. It's also open source under the MIT license. Visit our GitHub project to file bugs, engage in discussions or even contribute a feature. We'd love hearing from you!

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